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This is a partial and non-sequential discography.

Jason Singh (Taxiride)
Humannequin [Ambition/EMI: Prod/Eng. ‘13]

The Hoodoo Gurus
Bittersweet [Big Time/Elektra: Prod. ‘85] View on Youtube
Like Wow Wipeout [Big Time/Elektra: Prod. ‘85] View on Youtube
Mars Needs Guitars! (album) (Triple Platinum) [Big Time/Elektra: Prod. ‘85] View on Youtube
Blue Cave (album) (Gold) [Mushroom Australia: Prod. ‘96]
Purity of Essence [Sony:  Prod. ’10]

Circles and Squares  [Unsigned: Prod/Eng. ‘11]

James Reyne
TCB [Liberation: Prod/Eng. ‘10]

Olivia Newton-John
‘(2)’ (album) (Platinum) [Festival Mushroom Australia: Prod/Eng. ‘02]
‘Best of Friends’ (closing credits on film The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration) [Universal Video: Prod. ‘03] View on Youtube

Radio Birdman
Burn My Eye (EP) [Co-Prod. ‘76] View on Youtube
Radios Appear (album) (Gold) [Sire: Prod. ‘77] View on Youtube

Savage Garden
I Want You’ (Gold) [Columbia: Prod/Eng. ‘96]
‘To The Moon and Back’ (Gold) [Prod/Eng. ‘96]
‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ (Double Platinum, US No 1) [Prod/Eng. ‘97]
Savage Garden (album)  [Prod/Eng. ‘97] (Platinum x 24 – sold 18 million copies worldwide)

soulDecision (Canada)
‘Faded’ (No. 1 Canada, No.6 USA)
[MCA: Co-Prod. ‘99]
‘Ooh It’s Kinda Crazy’ [MCA: Co-Prod. ‘98]
No-one Does It Better (album) (Platinum) [MCA: Co-Prod. ‘00]

Wait’ [Warner Australia: Prod. ‘89]
‘It’s Alright’ [Warner Australia: Prod.  ‘89]
Gyan (album) (Gold) [Warner Australia: Prod. ’89]
Reddest Red (album) [Prod/Eng. ‘92]

‘That’s When I Think of You’ [Trafalgar Prod/Atlantic: Prod. ‘88]
‘If I Could’ (Gold) [Trafalgar Prod/Atlantic: Prod. ‘88]
‘You’ll Never Know’ [Trafalgar Prod/Atlantic: Prod. ‘89]
‘Compulsory Hero’ [Trafalgar Prod/Atlantic: Prod. ‘89]
(album) (Platinum x 5)  [Trafalgar Prod/Atlantic: Prod. ‘88]
The Other Side (album) (Platinum) [Trafalgar Prod/Atlantic: Prod. ‘90]


Air Supply
‘Lost in Love’ (Gold) (No. 3 Billboard Hot 100)
Life Support (album) [Arista: Prod. ‘79]
Lost in Love (album)   (Double Platinum, 3 million sold)  [Co-Prod. ‘80]

Moving Pictures
‘Bustin’ Loose’ (No.1 single) [
Wheatley: Prod ‘81]
‘What about Me’ (Gold) (No. 1; US  No. 3) [Prod. ‘82]
Days of Innocence (album) (No. 1) (Triple Platinum) [Prod. ‘81]
Matinee (album) (Gold) [Prod. ‘83]

Jenny Morris/QED
‘Everywhere I Go’
  [EMI Australia:Prod. ‘83]

Dave Dobbyn/DD Smash
The Optimist (album) (Gold) [Mushroom Aust: Prod. ‘84]

Ace of Base (Sweden)
‘Don’t Go Away’
[Arista: Prod. ‘98]
‘He Decides’ [Prod. ‘98]

Martin Plaza
‘Concrete and Clay’ (Gold) [CBS/Epic/Sony Aust: Prod. ‘86]
Plaza Suite (album) [Prod:‘86]

The Divinyls
What a Life!’ [Chrysalis: Co-Prod. ‘85]
Talk Like the Rain’ [Prod. ‘85]
(Two tracks on the Aust. version of album What a Life)

The Cockroaches
‘She’s the One’ (Gold) [Regular Australia: Prod. ‘87]
Some Kind of Girl’ [Regular Australia: Prod. ‘87]
The Cockroaches (album) (Platinum) [Regular Australia: Prod. ‘87]
Fingertips (album) (Gold) [Regular Australia: Prod. ‘88]

Jimmy Barnes
‘Never Give You Up’ [Prod: ‘97]

The Radiators
‘17 (I Wish I Was)’ [Warner Australia: Prod. ‘80]
‘Coming Home’  [Prod. ‘79]
Feel the Heat (album) (Platinum)  [Prod. ‘89]

Deep Blue Something (USA)
Byzantium (album) [Interscope:Prod. ‘98]

Movie Soundtrack
The Sum of Us
[Mushroom Australia: Prod. ‘94]

The Seekers
‘Far Shore’ [E.M.I.:Prod. ‘97]
‘Hey, Hey, Hey’ [E.M.I.:Prod. ‘97]
(both from Treasure Chest – The Essential Collection)
Future Road
(album) (Platinum) [E.M.I.:Prod. ‘97]

Judith Durham, Russell Hitchcock and Dr Yunupingu
‘I Am Australian’ (Top 20)
[EMI:Prod. ‘97]

The Expression
With Closed Eyes’ [Mushroom Australia: Prod. ‘82]
The Expression (album) [A&M: Prod. ‘83]

Electric Pandas
‘Big Girls’  (Top 20) [Regular Records Australia: Prod. ‘84]
Point Blank (album) [Regular Records Australia: Prod. ‘85]

Ol’ 55      
‘On the Prowl’ [Mushroom Australia: Prod. ‘76]
‘Looking for an Echo’ [Mushroom Australia: Prod. ‘76]
Take it Greasy (album) (Double Platinum) [Mushroom Australia: Prod. ‘76]

Brooke McClymont
‘I Can’t Wait’
[Universal Australia: Prod/Eng ‘02]
‘I Think I Know’ [Universal Australia: Prod/Eng ‘02]

[Standard Australia: Prod/Eng. ‘01]

Dan Greenwood
This is the Girl’
(album) [Universal Australia: Co-Prod. ‘02]

Thibault Durand (France)
Forthcoming Album [Epic France: Prod/Eng. TBC]

Making Sense of Madness’ [WEA Australia: Prod/Eng. ‘05]